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BRX at support level

  • Author: Josethetrader
  • Ticker: BRX
  • Trade Opened: Apr 16, 2015
  • Trade Updated: Apr 17, 2015

Looking for 1% profit after move past high of 24.93 from yesterday.

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KIM at support

  • Author: Josethetrader
  • Ticker: kim
  • Trade Opened: Apr 17, 2015

I am going to use a different exit system (not 1%). I will go with a risk/reward of 1 to 3. So my stop is set at 25.11 (low of previous day) and my target will be three times that (1.44) at 26.93.
My apologies for changing my exit strategy. Still working on that.
Still looking to get in at previous . . .

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NAV retesting support at 27.50

  • Author: Josethetrader
  • Ticker: nav
  • Trade Opened: Apr 11, 2015
  • Trade Updated: Apr 15, 2015
  • Trade Closed: Apr 15, 2015

Looking for a short 1% profit. Look to get in and out on the same day. If not will hold until next day. Price must cross high of 4/10/15. I have been having decent luck with these small profit trades. I am testing this system so only using paper money at this point. Must use at significant amount of . . .

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Skyworks Solutions

  • Author: gumby9662c
  • Ticker: swks
  • Trade Opened: Mar 25, 2015

This got a trend break today off it’s parabolic move. Time for it to cool off. This showed up on my Vector Vest scans yesterday as potentail Hindenburg Implosions.

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Is Biotech Too “Frothy”?

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: IBB
  • Trade Opened: Mar 26, 2015

Biotech investing can be challenging for several reasons. Medical research and development is prolonged, undiversified, and usually unprofitable for extended periods. On a risk-adjusted basis, biotechnology has one of the lowest long-term returns in the market. However, like moths to a flame, . . .

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AutoNation’s Surprising Revenue and Earnings Mix

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: an
  • Trade Opened: Mar 17, 2015

AutoNation (AN) may be a short term winner, even if the market continues to flatten out or decline this quarter. On the surface, the company presents itself as an auto retailer for new and used cars with primary markets in Florida, California and Texas. Geographic concentration is a risk, now that . . .

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