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Bubble in Utilities? Short OGE

  • Author: eatlovetrade
  • Ticker: OGE
  • Trade Opened: Apr 8, 2013

Recently utility stocks have been getting bid up in a manic frenzy as investors pile into low volatility ETFs that have a large holding of utility stocks, and as investors seek to park their nest eggs in the perceived safety of stable, cash flow rich companies.
However, the buying momentum in . . .

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Long Gold and Short the Yen

  • Author: tylershepherd
  • Ticker: YGM3
  • Trade Opened: Apr 5, 2013

So What’s the deal with Gold lately? Gold has been in a channel for almost 2 years now since May 2011 between 1550-1800.
In the shorter term, Gold has been on a downtrend and has been selling off from the top of the channel at about 1755 and encountered an intraday low of 1539.7 on Thursday. Some . . .

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