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Complicated Financials and a Bear Market

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: ncft
  • Trade Opened: Dec 17, 2014

The housing sector has been disrupted recently by mixed economic reports. Homebuilder sentiment was released this week, showing optimism, but a little less so than expected. Interest rates have been flat or in decline as stocks have been selling off, however, mortgage applications are continuing to . . .

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Will Europe’s PIIGs Kill HOG’s Trend?

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: hog
  • Trade Opened: Dec 11, 2014

Harley Davidson (HOG) recently announced a new bike that will be added to their lineup in the future. The “Livewire” is battery driven and the motor sounds more like a very quiet jet engine than the traditional Harley-rumble. The announcement was a good PR move and we are optimistic that consumers . . .

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Downside in Tesoro, as it plays catch-up to other refining stocks (TSO)

  • Author: eatlovetrade
  • Ticker: TSO
  • Trade Opened: Dec 10, 2014

My last post back in May of this year proved to be on the mark, as Energy stocks topped out and have been on a steady decline as the drop in oil prices has gained momentum.
Not all energy names have been participating in the drawdown until recently, and the one I think that is on the verge of . . .

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Trading Volatility Expectations (AGG)

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: agg
  • Trade Opened: Nov 25, 2014

Expectations for volatility over the next 30 and 90-days are measured by the CBOE’s VIX and VXV indexes respectively. These indicators evaluate index option prices, bid-ask spreads, interest rates and a few other factors to make an annualized expected volatility estimate for the S&P 500.
Because . . .

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Send Me No Flowers – I Prefer Steak

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: flws
  • Trade Opened: Nov 19, 2014

For as many years I have bought gift baskets for my friends, clients, other professional associates for Christmas. I realize that it is a little impersonal, but it’s at least a gesture to show that I appreciate everything they have done for me through the year. This year I made my purchases a little . . .

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