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RDX Technologies Corp

  • Author: jessielivermore
  • Ticker: CVE:RDX
  • Trade Opened: May 5, 2014
  • Trade Updated: Jul 26, 2014

An earlier post mentioned RDX. I continue to be interested in this company. There is an inverse head and shoulders pattern, combined with a bull flag. Unfortunately, the price point suffered a “break down.” My guess is that traders were taking profits. Now there is a lower low below the 50 day moving . . .

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Coeur Mining Inc – MACD Divergence 30 Minute Bars

  • Author: jessielivermore
  • Ticker: CDE
  • Trade Opened: May 13, 2014
  • Trade Closed: Jul 26, 2014

Coeur d’Alene Mines has been doing badly on the daily charts and even on the weekly charts. It has been riding down the red Bollinger Band. Trying to figure out when this pattern might change, I noticed a MACD divergence on the 10 day 30 minute charts. Perhaps this is a sign the tides will finally turn . . .

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When a Defensive Stock Isn’t

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: FE
  • Trade Opened: Jul 23, 2014

Investors usually consider Utilities, Consumer Staples, and Healthcare to be “defensive” sectors because these companies tend to outperform in the late stages of a mature business cycle. The companies tend to do better because their cash flow suffers less during an economic contraction. It is reasonable . . .

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Thinking Outside the Box

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: PKG
  • Trade Opened: Jul 16, 2014

The paper and packaging business has been in a state of flux for several years now. Unfortunately for the major firms in this segment, a shift towards electronic records, e-commerce and lower protections from imports has all contributed to a decline of 17% in output from 2002 through 2012. Over the last . . .

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Plug Power’s Cord is Fraying

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: plug
  • Trade Opened: Jul 9, 2014

Analyzing unprofitable stocks is difficult because almost everything is a guess. Technical analysis can help, but the trends of stocks that haven’t made money in a long time (or ever) tend to be unstable and much less reliable. However, there are some fundamental techniques that may help increase confidence . . .

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LL Shorts Can’t See the Forest For the Trees

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: LL
  • Trade Opened: Jul 2, 2014

Lumber Liquidators (LL) was on an amazing run from 2007 through the end of 2013. The stock’s price rose from just over $8 per share to a high of nearly $120 in November 2013. However, there have been a few setbacks since and the stock is currently hovering near $75 per share.
The company’s troubles . . .

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