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Trading Volatility Expectations (AGG)

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: agg
  • Trade Opened: Nov 25, 2014

Expectations for volatility over the next 30 and 90-days are measured by the CBOE’s VIX and VXV indexes respectively. These indicators evaluate index option prices, bid-ask spreads, interest rates and a few other factors to make an annualized expected volatility estimate for the S&P 500.
Because . . .

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Send Me No Flowers – I Prefer Steak

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: flws
  • Trade Opened: Nov 19, 2014

For as many years I have bought gift baskets for my friends, clients, other professional associates for Christmas. I realize that it is a little impersonal, but it’s at least a gesture to show that I appreciate everything they have done for me through the year. This year I made my purchases a little . . .

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HongKong and Shanghai Hooked Up (MSCI)

  • Author: swampu
  • Ticker: MSCI
  • Trade Opened: Nov 13, 2014

MSCI Hong Kong and Shanghai for the first time linked shares.
This is NYSE New. went from 45.80 to 47.74 in 3 weeks.’
It is breaking out of full flag.

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The ECB and Swiss Manufacturers

  • Author: John Jagerson
  • Ticker: logi
  • Trade Opened: Nov 11, 2014

When many investors think of the Swiss economy they think of banking. Like most developed economies, more than half the Swiss population works in services and banking, but they are also a manufacturing powerhouse. Despite a population just over 8MM people, they are the world’s 25th largest exporter . . .

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  • Author: ben2winson
  • Ticker: SYNA
  • Trade Opened: Oct 23, 2014

Earning release tonight after hour, I am expecting SYNA to deliver a result that beating consensus estimates.

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