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[WEBINAR] Safe-Haven Investments: How “Safe” Are They?

In today's Ask the Expert we discussed these issues in the context of the current rally in safe-haven investments, and talked through a few ways you can look for confirmation of these trends. Knowing how risky the rally in oil, gold, or silver is will help you pick the right strategy and set appropriate expectations.
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Understanding Price Patterns on Your Stock Charts

Price patterns are an underutilized and extremely valuable tool in your stock-trading arsenal. It may take a little while to get comfortable with dealing with the subtle nuances and occasional ambiguity that are a part of price patterns, but once you do, you will feel like you are able to see into the future.
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Forex Futures vs. Spot Forex Accounts

You will see a lot of marketing materials out there explaining why the spot market is so much better and cheaper than the currency futures market, but how much of it is fact and how much is hype? Here we analyze the major attributes of each forex market -- futures and spot. Doing so will help us determine if either market really has an advantage.
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