[WEBINAR] What’s Holding the Market Up?

[WEBINAR] What’s Holding the Market Up?

Three days in a row (so far) we have seen prices rally then sell off again. Does that mean anything and should bulls be concerned? In today’s ask the expert webinar we will discuss the current market environment and walk through our projections for the next month. We will also be answering your questions about gold, the US dollar, and the future of oil prices.

We are also very pleased to announce that we have found a great sponsor for Ask the Expert and will be able to expand the program back to a daily event by November. In fact, we will be expanding a lot of the content we offer in November and hope that our loyal readers will be pleased with the changes that are coming.

We also covered the following topics…

– How to pair gold and silver
– Why gold dropped and where its likely to go next
– Will the dollar start to drop again

[WEBINAR RECORDING] What’s Holding the Market Up?
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