Generating Income with Dividends

Generating Income with Dividends


Generating Income with Dividends

Learn how to analyze dividend-paying stocks to identify the best income-generating opportunities for your portfolio.

Whether you are looking to fund your retirement, pay for a child's education or simply provide a little extra spending cash, dividends provide great way to generate income. This course helps investors understand dividend yields, how to search for dividends and when to combine dividends with your growth strategy. Dividends are the mechanism by which corporations return profits to shareholders. Not all dividends are created equal, however, so when you are out searching for companies that pay a dividend we show you how to understand not only to the amount of the dividend but also to the dividend yield. We'll show you how to look for both dividends and growth. while we explore the compounding effect of reinvesting dividends.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What dividends are and how they work
  • How to search for stocks that offer a strong dividend yield
  • How to find stocks that provide both growth opportunities and dividend payments
  • The power of dividend reinvestment

Once you have completed this course you will:

  • Have the power and the know-how to supercharge the income production of your portfolio
  • Enjoy the comfort that comes from knowing your income will be there for you in the future

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Difficulty Level:Easy

Course Syllabus
Generating Income with Dividends

Module 1Understanding Dividend Basics
Dividends are the mechanism by which corporations have been returning profits to shareholders for hundreds of years, but if this is your first time focusing on them in your account, you need to make sure you nail down the basics before you get started.
Lesson 1Reading: Dividend Basics 
Lesson 2Video: Understanding Dividend Basics (7:42) 
Lesson 3Quiz: Dividends 
Lesson 4Assignment: Discovering the Differences in Dividends 
Module 2Search for Dividend Yield
Not all dividends are created equal. So when you are out searching for companies that pay a dividend — because not all of them do — you need to pay attention not only to the amount of the dividend but also to the yield you are going to receive on your investment.
Lesson 1Reading: Searching For Dividends 
Lesson 2Video: Searching for Dividend Stocks (9:45) 
Lesson 3Quiz: Searching for Dividend Yield 
Lesson 4Assignment: Find Dividend Information About Various Stocks 
Module 3Combine Dividends and Growth
Many investors mistakenly believe that you can either invest for dividend income or you can invest for growth but you can't do both. It's time to dispel that myth. You can look for both dividends and growth.
Lesson 1Reading: Combining Dividends and Growth 
Lesson 2Video: Dividends or Growth? (5:47) 
Lesson 3Quiz: Dividends and Growth 
Lesson 4Assignment: Dividends and Growth 
Module 4Compound Your Returns with Dividend Reinvestment
Even if you're not looking to generate immediate income, you may want to consider investing in some dividend-paying stocks because of the compounding effect you can have when you reinvest your dividends. You'll be amazed at how quickly your returns can grow.
Lesson 1Reading: Compound Your Returns with Dividend Reinvestment 
Lesson 2Video: Dividend Reinvestment (7:51) 
Lesson 3Quiz: Dividend Reinvestment 
Lesson 4Assignment: Practice Evaluating the Effects of Dividends