Price Targets

Price Targets


Price Targets

Learn how to anticipate how far a stock may move by analyzing price patterns and Fibonacci retracements and projections.

“How far is this trade going to go?” This is the question traders ask themselves every day about every trade they are in. They want to know because it helps them answer the question, “How long should I stay in this trade?” If you’re tired of “guessing” how far a trade might go, you’ve come to the right place. In this course, we show you how to utilize technical analysis techniques to identify price targets.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to use support and resistance levels to identify price targets
  • How to use Fibonacci analysis techniques to identify price targets
  • How to use price patterns to identify price targets

Once you have completed this course and implemented the concepts, you will:

  • Have the confidence to hold trades longer until they reach their target
  • Know when to scale back on a trade when it’s reached its target

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Difficulty Level:Advanced

Course Syllabus
Price Targets

Module 1Projecting the Move – Support and Resistance
The first thing you want to know about any trade you are entering is if there is any resistance looming overhead. The trick is knowing which resistance levels are most important to pay attention to because they are not all equally important.
Lesson 1Reading: Projecting the Move with Resistance Levels 
Lesson 2Video: Projecting the Move – Resistance Levels (7:16) 
Lesson 3Quiz: Projecting with Support and Resistance 
Lesson 4Assignment: Projecting Potential Resistance Levels on Stock Charts 
Module 2Projecting the Move – Price Patterns
One of the distinct advantages of using price patterns in your trading analysis is they come with built-in price-projection levels. Some of them even come with two or three.
Lesson 1Reading: Projecting the Move — Price Patterns 
Lesson 2Video: Projecting the Move – Price Patterns (10:35) 
Lesson 3Quiz: Projecting with Price Patterns 
Lesson 4Assignment: Identify Projection Levels Established by Price Patterns 
Module 3Projecting the Move – Fibonacci
When most technicians start using Fibonacci analysis in their trading, they tend to focus solely on Fibonacci retracements, while forgetting about Fibonacci projections. That's like forgetting to use your second leg when running a race. Fibonacci can tell you as much about the future as it does about the past.
Lesson 1Reading: Projecting the Move with Fibonacci Analysis 
Lesson 2Video: Fibonacci Analysis (12:24) 
Lesson 3Quiz: Projecting with Fibonacci Analysis 
Lesson 4Assignment: Projecting Prices and Support based on Fibonacci Analysis 
Module 4Projecting the Move – Putting it All Together
You've learned a lot of different approaches and tactics you can implement to project how far you think a trade might go in this step. Now, it's time to put everything you've learned together so you can use this information in a disciplined, repeatable, effective manner.
Lesson 1Reading: Projecting the Move — Putting it All Together