Strategic Investing CORE: Diversification

In this course we will walk you through the steps you need to take to customize a strategic portfolio that can help you accomplish your investing goals. Our objective will be to build a solid portfolio that will serve you well through both bullish and bearish markets.

Strategic Investing CORE: Position Management

Once you have built your base, you need to continue to manage your base. Otherwise, you might not get the investment results you are looking for. A portfolio needs to be managed if you want it to produce solid profits. Too many individual investors make the mistake of setting up their portfolios and then forgetting … Continued

Technical Analysis CORE

If you want to be a successful technical analyst, you need to understand trends. Trends are the backbone of any rigorous technical analysis, and in this step, you will learn how to identify, confirm and utilize trends in every aspect of your trading decisions.

Trend Sentiment

This track helps you understand how market and trend sentiment affects trading decisions. We’ll look at how to confirm trends using intermarket analysis — understand the impact of moves in various different types of global markets. Then we’ll take a more macro view and look at intra-market analysis to understand broader implications and how to … Continued

Using Long Protective Puts

Sometimes individual investors get so caught up in worrying about what trades they should take next, they forget about protecting the trades they are currently in. You’ve learned about protecting your trades with stop losses, but did you know that you can also protect your trades using options?


Once you have decided to enter a trade, the next choice you need to make is when you are going to enter that trade. Market technicians have a distinct advantage over fundamental analysts in this regard because they can look for specific price points at which to tack action, instead of hoping that the stock … Continued