Learn to Profit at the Gas Pump

One of the great things about being an investor is you can exercise more control over your overall financial situation than non-investors. A great example is the ability to offset high gasoline prices with protective trading strategies.

Commodity Stocks vs. Commodity ETFs – Which is Better?

Commodities can have great trends and represent a diversification alternative for longer term profit opportunities. However, very few individual investors are willing to trade futures, which is traditionally how traders get access to that market. There are some excellent low cost alternatives to futures but which method is best really depends on what your investing … Continued

How Contango Affects Commodity ETFs

Contango can stunt the growth of commodity ETFs, which effectively increases costs. Learn how to avoid it in this video.

Investing in Oil Through ETFs

Learn to invest in oil prices through ETFs. This video will also show you how to profit when oil prices fall.