Growth Stocks are a lot Like Ponzi Schemes

Growth stocks sound good but when do shareholders actually get paid? The only way a shareholder of a growth stock will get paid is if a subsequent buyer is willing to pay more for the shares.

Stocks vs. High Yield Bonds: Which is Better?

High yield or “junk” bonds actually move a lot like stocks with one big difference – they pay a big premium. Learn why a high yield bond portfolio can low volatility and provide better returns than stocks.

Turbo-Charge Your Dividend Investing

Optimize your dividend investing for better profits over the long term. We have often suggested that building a portfolio of dividend paying stocks may make more sense over a “growth” portfolio because the income can help offset some market volatility and price declines over the long term. Traders will often struggle with this concept because … Continued

Investing in Real Estate Through ETFs and Stocks

Investing in real estate through the stock market is more flexible and much less expensive than investing in physical properties. Learn more in this video.

Using Dividend Stocks in a Bear Market

Dividends can outperform real estate, so-called growth stocks and other forms of active trading. This is an important concept when considering bear market strategies.

Dividend Stocks or Growth – Do You Have to Choose?

Stock traders don’t have to choose between dividend paying stocks and growth stocks. The two benefits can exist in the same firm. Sometimes the best strategy is a combination of old-school dividends and new-school growth oriented investing.