Trading the Durable Goods and Building Permits Numbers

Traders looking for buying opportunities often look to economic announcements for potential plays. Understanding the Durable Goods and Building Permits numbers is a great place for new traders to start.

Does a CPI Drop Lead to Deflation?

We help you understand the difference between CPI and Core CPI when determining the likelihood of deflation. We also discuss the potential impact of deflation on investors.

Why Consumer Confidence Reports Matter

It’s important for investors to understand consumer confidence reports and how they may or may not affect certain stocks. Retail stocks in particular can be impacted by rising or falling consumer confidence.

Understanding the Weekly Unemployment Claims Number

Typically the monthly unemployment claims carry more weight, but the weekly unemployment claims can provide you with tremendous ongoing information on a much more regular basis.

The Yield Curve and Investor Sentiment

Smaller investors rarely pay attention to yield curves, but they should. We help you understand how to read a yield curve to determine the four types of curves and what they mean for your portfolio.