Contango Isn’t a Dance from Argentina

If you are an investor looking for some diversification within the commodities market or are just trying to capitalize on a recent rise in oil prices, you have probably heard of contango. This is a term from the futures market and it describes an issue commodity ETF traders should understand.

How to Trade the U.S. Dollar Index

The U.S. Dollar fell dramatically against other global currencies in 2010 and the trend is likely to continue in 2011. Deficit spending, war and a Fed that is flooding the market with dollars to assist the banking market could cause accelerating rates of inflation and continued currency weakness. Inflation can be a very bad thing … Continued

Does Trading The Pre-Market Give Traders an Advantage?

Pre-market trading seems attractive but liquidity is a problem and costs are higher. Learn how it works in this video.

Understanding and Trading the COT Report

Futures trades are recorded and reported on a weekly basis. Its possible to use the weekly commitment of traders report to see the moves being made by the biggest futures traders in the world.