How to Trade the U.S. Dollar Index

The U.S. Dollar fell dramatically against other global currencies in 2010 and the trend is likely to continue in 2011. Deficit spending, war and a Fed that is flooding the market with dollars to assist the banking market could cause accelerating rates of inflation and continued currency weakness. Inflation can be a very bad thing … Continued

Why Bonds Fall When Interest Rates Rise

Bonds move down when interest rates rise, however, depending on the bond they will move differently. If you are concerned about a change in interest rates, learn how to it will affect your investments.

Is the Fed Really Running the Printing Presses?

This phrase “printing presses” — when used to describe the Fed’s actions — is misleading and does not accurately portray the risks and opportunities of investing during a period of rising inflation or rising inflationary expectations.

Using TIPS to Profit From Inflation

You don’t have to let inflation control your profits. Is inflation good or bad for individual investors? The answer is that it depends. Inflation can eat away at your purchasing power and your stock returns, or it can become an investment opportunity. This article will introduce you to an interesting exchange traded fund (ETF) that … Continued

How Quantitative Easing Works

Quantitative easing is one of the bigger arrows in the Fed’s quiver. Quantitative easing is a monetary policy tool in which a central bank—like the Federal Reserve—floods the market with cash in an attempt to stimulate an economy in recession and to stave off deflation. The idea is that if the central bank floods enough … Continued

Profiting From Deflation and Inflation

Deflation seems like a bad thing but that may not be true. In this video I will show how to profit during a deflationary period.