Why Consumer Confidence Reports Matter

It’s important for investors to understand consumer confidence reports and how they may or may not affect certain stocks. Retail stocks in particular can be impacted by rising or falling consumer confidence.

Why Financial Writers and Analysts Mislead Readers

Quality commentary is often crowded out by more sensational articles produced by hacks with serious conflicts of interest. Frequently this commentary is produced by writers with a service or product to sell, which motivates many writers to misrepresent the facts or to completely eliminate context, thereby rendering the content useless.

Why Most News is Meaningless

The flow of information to investors can be confusing, and news is the worst of all the culprits. The truth is no one fully understands why a market is moving the way it is in the short term. We’ll walk you through two case studies to prove our point, and offer a few suggestions for harvesting legitimate value.

Why Market News Headlines are Meaningless

Market news headlines often have erroneous information that can be harmful to traders. In this video you will learn how headlines are created.

Is a New U.S. President Good or Bad for Stocks?

Will a new president be good or bad for stocks? Will Obama’s reelection help market rally? The statistics about the presidential cycle can be very interesting.