Trading Stock and Futures Price-Gaps

Stock and futures charts will create gaps when the market moves before trading opens each day. These gaps can create very useful trading signals for active traders.

Stock Market Bottom? Use these 5 “Secret” Indicators to Find Out

Use these little known indicators to determine when the market is likely to reach a major top or bottom.

Understanding Price Patterns on Your Stock Charts

Price patterns are an underutilized and extremely valuable tool in your stock-trading arsenal. It may take a little while to get comfortable with dealing with the subtle nuances and occasional ambiguity that are a part of price patterns, but once you do, you will feel like you are able to see into the future.

Using Bollinger Bands to Improve Your Trading

In this article we introduce the Bollinger Bands indicator and focus on two common uses for Bollinger Bands and how they can be used to improve your trading.

Dealing With Throwbacks and Fakeouts as a Trader

Technical traders time the their entries and exits using price patterns or technical indicators. Learn how to deal with the frequent throwbacks when a breakout reverses before continuing the trend.

Why Adding Indicators Hurts Your Trades

Adding technical indicators or indicator-piling won’t increase the probability of having a successful trade. Learn to simplify and increase your trading profits.

Understanding and Trading the COT Report

Futures trades are recorded and reported on a weekly basis. Its possible to use the weekly commitment of traders report to see the moves being made by the biggest futures traders in the world.

How to Trade Bullish and Bearish Technical Divergences

Bullish and bearish technical divergences can help identify market reversals in stocks or forex. Learn how to identify them with the CCI or MACD technical indicators.