The Dark Side of Currency ETFs

Whenever an investment sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is the cautionary tale we tell with the introduction of a batch of currency ETFs. We help you identify the difference between legitimate currency ETFs and those ETFs that only exist to generate fees.

ETFs or ETNs? Choose Exchange-Traded Funds

ETFs and ETNs can both serve the same purpose in your portfolio, but they’re structured differently and we point out a few reasons why you may want to stick with ETFs.

Understanding ETFs and Mutual Funds

Exchange Traded Funds and Mutual Funds both offer investors some distinct advantages and disadvantages. We discuss the relative benefits of each and help you understand what they offer investors.

What is a Fund of Funds?

There is a relatively unknown subsection of the investment marketing industry called Funds of Funds (FOF). Recently these collective investment schemes have had some light shown on them as the Madoff scandal continues to disrupt the financial markets. Many of Madoff’s investors were actually FoFs. In this article I will explain what FoFs are and … Continued

How to Trade the U.S. Dollar Index

The U.S. Dollar fell dramatically against other global currencies in 2010 and the trend is likely to continue in 2011. Deficit spending, war and a Fed that is flooding the market with dollars to assist the banking market could cause accelerating rates of inflation and continued currency weakness. Inflation can be a very bad thing … Continued

How to Buy Gold in Your Brokerage Account

Buying gold in your traditional brokerage is less expensive and much more flexible than buying the physical commodity. Learn more in this video.

Commodity Stocks vs. Commodity ETFs – Which is Better?

Commodities can have great trends and represent a diversification alternative for longer term profit opportunities. However, very few individual investors are willing to trade futures, which is traditionally how traders get access to that market. There are some excellent low cost alternatives to futures but which method is best really depends on what your investing … Continued

Absolute Return Funds: Higher Fees, Lower Returns

Absolute return funds from Putnam offer a lot of promises but the track records of the managers would suggest that they offer anything but guaranteed returns.

How Contango Affects Commodity ETFs

Contango can stunt the growth of commodity ETFs, which effectively increases costs. Learn how to avoid it in this video.

Investing in Oil Through ETFs

Learn to invest in oil prices through ETFs. This video will also show you how to profit when oil prices fall.