Strategic Investing


Strategic Investing

A great track for new investors to help you understand how to build a core portfolio.
When building a successful portfolio, there is much more to it than simply finding a bunch of stocks you think are going to go up. In the courses in the “Strategic Investing Track,” we’ll show you how to not only analyze a productive group of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) but also implement both horizontal and vertical diversification strategies when building your portfolio.

This Track's Required Courses

Who Is This Track For?

This is a basic track for investors looking to build their first strategic portfolio. It’s also a good track for experienced investors who want a refresher on basic investing concepts such as forms of diversification and position management. If you want to learn more about how to find ETFs and individual equities and how to build them into a strategically diversified base portfolio then this track is for you.

  • How to build a diversified portfolio
  • Four different types of diversification
  • How to find individual equities and ETFs
  • How to analyze a stock or ETF and understand when to buy and when to sell
  • Ongoing position management within your portfolio
  • Portfolio rebalancing

A track is a way of organizing existing courses. Our tracks are collection of courses hand-picked by our intructors to help you achieve a certain investing objective. They are designed to be taken in the order shown.

Some tracks can offer very specific objectives, like adding income to your portfolio. These narrow tracks focus your attention on a specific investing objective but in a case where we believe more than one course is required to help you achieve that objective.

Other tracks are more broad in scope, such as our "Technical Analysis for Traders" track. These broad tracks line up a series of courses to help you achieve a skill set.

We offer dozens of courses and it can be dificult to know where to start. Tracks help you organize your learning objectives and provide you with learning targets so you know where to focus your time and what you should expect to accomplish.