Trading For Income


Trading For Income

Learn to use dividends and basic options strategies to add income to your portfolio.
While some traders are willing to take an additional risk in search of soaring growth opportunities, others are looking for more down-to-earth ways to generate consistent, steady income from their portfolios. In the courses in the “Trading for Income Track,” we’ll show you how to structure your portfolio, fill it with income-generating stocks and maximize your potential monthly payments with covered calls.

This Track's Required Courses

Who Is This Track For?

This track is for investors with some experience building strategic portfolios who are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios with income. While the concepts covered in this course are basic, executing on the concepts can be difficult. If you want to learn how to build a base portfolio and then look for income opportunities as a new strategic layer to your portfolio then this course is for you.

  • The basics of creating and managing a core portfolio
  • How to open and close covered call trades
  • How to find stocks that pay dividends
  • How to evaluate the value of a dividend in a trade

A track is a way of organizing existing courses. Our tracks are collection of courses hand-picked by our intructors to help you achieve a certain investing objective. They are designed to be taken in the order shown.

Some tracks can offer very specific objectives, like adding income to your portfolio. These narrow tracks focus your attention on a specific investing objective but in a case where we believe more than one course is required to help you achieve that objective.

Other tracks are more broad in scope, such as our "Technical Analysis for Traders" track. These broad tracks line up a series of courses to help you achieve a skill set.

We offer dozens of courses and it can be dificult to know where to start. Tracks help you organize your learning objectives and provide you with learning targets so you know where to focus your time and what you should expect to accomplish.